How to Manage Banners

Joomla, by default, comes with a specific component that allows managing banners. With this, users will be able to add a variety banners, have them displayed in the website or have them organized into special categories.

Creating a Banner

1 – Log in the admin page and go to the Components tab. Highlight Banners from the drop-down menu and select Banners in the side menu.

How to Manage Banners

2 – On the Banner Manager page, click the New button located at the upper left corner.

Creating a Banner

3 – Fill in the necessary information: banner name, category, and type. Make sure you choose Custom for the Type.

joomla banner

4 – Paste the banner code in the Custom Code field.

how to use joomla banner

5 – Click Save & Close.

vertigo joomla banner

Displaying the Banner

Displaying a new banner will require publishing of a new module. Here’s how to do this:

1 – Under the Extensions tab in the admin page, select Module Manager.

Displaying the Banner

2 – Click the New button for a new module to be added on to the site.

placing joomla banner

3 – Choose Banners from the list of module types available.

selecting joomla banner

4 – Decide on what title you will be giving your module as well as the position where you want it displayed.

title joomla banner

5 – Click Save.

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