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Vertigo is dedicated to establishing a strong online presence for small and medium-sized businesses by crafting creative, playful and tailor-made solutions to each of our clients.

As a boutique marketing agency, we design, create and distribute immerse content that delivers the result. Work with us and strengthen your company and brands in today’s world.

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We are happy to create long-lasting relationships globally. Thanks to our agile working team, we make our client’s happiness the top priority and work around the clock worldwide to achieve it.

Someone might have promised you first place ranking, but SEO has no guarantees. Google has developed brilliant algorithms making search engine optimisation quite tricky. We have generated lots of traffic for our client’s thanks to our 100% white hat SEO techniques. We can always provide a list of references upon request.


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We love What we do

From conceptualisation down to development and support, count on us to provide you with everything you may need.

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We love What we do

Having an appealing look of a website is one way to boost the online presence of your business.


We do all the work

You know your niche has great potential, but you exhausted your resources, and you are stuck with ranking.



We love What we do

Too many things affect the ranking of a website in Google, manage all aspect of SEO internally can be torture.

Team Collaboration

We love What we do

Designing a quality and user-friendly website involves more than just putting several elements together.


We love What we do

Not having a presence on a social network where your potential customers are is no longer acceptable.

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Simple Online Marketing Strategies 

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