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Imagine if you’re stuck in your rankings and can’t increase as well the income from your website has started flat-lining. You don’t have to do anything but let us increase your revenue for you. We will handle everything from here and split the incomes from the profit you’re making.

Let’s break it down.
You have managed to get your website to 1000 pounds. During the process, you have exhausted all your resources, and you understand that this niche can grow indefinitely. Once you partner up with our company, Vertigo, we will handle everything from there. If you take a look into the future, you could be earning at least 7 times that amount. We have rolled out on-page optimization, handled the content updates and got high authority links to your site to increase the rankings.

Additionally, we will do CRO that will increase your conversions to nearly double and run lots of experiments in-house. There’s nothing for you to do. You’ll be making more money than before, and we can split up the profits 67 to 33.

*Note, profit share SEO offer is most likely not appropriate for most people. You must qualify for this, and it must be a good fit for both parties.


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We love What we do

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Design and Development

Having an appealing look of a website is one way to boost the online presence of your business.


Too many things affect the ranking of a website in Google, manage all aspect of SEO internally can be torture.


Not having a presence on a social network where your potential customers are is no longer acceptable.

Full Service

From conceptualisation down to development and support, count on us to provide you with everything you may need.

Team Collaboration

Designing a quality and user-friendly website involves more than just putting several elements together.

Support & Maintenance

Once you launch a website, it doesn’t mean that you have a huge weight lifted off your shoulders.