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How to Create and Link Articles

Joomla provides a variety of options for the creation and structuring of website content. Below are steps on how you can create and link articles to your page’s Main Menu.

Creating Articles

1 – Access the Article Manager in the Content tab of your Joomla admin page.

How to Create and Link Articles

2 – Click on the Add New Article. You will then see a WYSIWYG editor which you can utilize to create and format new article texts as well as add images or links.

WYSIWYG editor

Important Note: Make sure all visitors can view and access your article by putting in on a Published status and setting it on Public Access.

Linking Articles

1 – In the Menu tab of your Joomla admin page, highlight the Main Menu option and choose Add New Menu Item.

How to Create and Link Articles

2 – You will be taken to another page where you will be asked to select the menu item type desired.

linking articles

3 – If you want to link a specific content you created using the Article manager, click the Articles link. However, if you simply want a new menu to open the latest article you created, opt for the Single Article option.

joomla article

4 – After clicking the Articles link, a box for article selection will appear. Choose which of your articles you want to link.

joomla3 article

5 – And that’s it! You can now save and close or save and create a new article.


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