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Sussanne Boutique has been offering up an exquisitely-curated collection of greatness in fashion and design since its initial launch in 2015. This website delivers ample doses of inspiration and motivation for visitors who are looking for the latest and greatest ideas in home design. The site’s focus is split rather evenly between fashion and interior design, and it’s operated by a team of dedicated professionals who possess extensive design experience. The Sussanne Boutique team also has a speciality in discussing valuable antiques.

Focused particularly on the needs of UK residents, Susanne Boutique always has a lot of ideas to offer up for visitors domestic and foreign. It’s one of that nation’s leading websites for decor and interior design. Besides delivering great design resources, the site also provides unique ideas for gifts, shopping, art, photography, and more.

Frankly, I was expecting a bit more for the money I paid but still happy with the result.
Martin V

Happy Client


Sussanne Boutique


Oct 04, 2013




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