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The Digswell Arts Trust is a charity that focuses on artists that are in the early phases of their career. The charity has decades of experiences. They provide studios for over 30 up-and-coming artists, who are referred to as Fellows.

The Fellows enter an environment that encourages collaboration, and they are supported by the Trust. This goes on for about 3-5 years. They are provided with studio space shared by other Fellows who are in the early stages of their careers.

The Digswell Arts Trust was founded by Henry Morris. Since the founding of the charity, it has maintained the tradition of helping artists. The founder believed in the arts, and he believed that artists played a crucial role in the well-being of society. The Digswell Arts Trust continues to follow that.

Vertigo proved to be a reliable partner easy to cooperate with, we are more than happy to continue working with Vertigo Studio as they encouraged us to grow our business. Many thanks for this!

Joanna F.

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Digswell Arts



FEB 1, 2019





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