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As the world continues to become increasingly competitive, having innovative and efficient solutions has become even more critical. Being able to locate, design and implement solutions quickly and in a timely and effective manner could mean the difference between a business succeeding or failing.

NEX-XOS is a company that is customer service oriented. It specialises in manufacturing shelf-stable foods and is a leading provider of comprehensive shelf stable meal kits, assembly and packaging contract services, and distributes food service and other types of related products. NEX-XOS has years of first-hand experience working both domestically and internationally which has led them to develop and achieving efficient fulfilment and logical solutions for all of its customers, which are part of the current service offerings of NEX-XOS.

We used Vertigo Studio for the design of our website and were extremely pleased to the extent that we used Vertigo for our design and printing of all stationary. Would thoroughly recommend, very professional and friendly service.

Jonathan P.

Personal Trainer





DEC 14, 2017





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