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E-mail marketing

Whoever said email is dead? That is far from the truth. In fact, marketers can still earn revenue by using a strategy as simple as sending email. In 2012 alone, 44% of email recipients said they made at least one purchase based on a promotional email that was sent to them. From that simple statistic alone, you can tell that email still has a place in this world.

Yes, the world may be warming up to social media a bit more, but email still has a place when it comes to running an effective marketing strategy. The beauty of email is that it has adapted with the times. Emails can now follow a certain template and can be personalized for every individual in your company’s address book.

Not only that, the number of email management systems has also grown making it easier for businesses to manage a huge database of clients. Emails aren’t solely used for promotional purposes either, they can be effective tools in delivering the right information directly to the inbox of customers. Think in terms of a newsletter where everything they need to know comes in a digested form they can easily consume.

So, should you need assistance in crafting an email marketing campaign, give us a call and we’ll see how we can help you out.


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