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Simple Online Marketing Strategies 

In our days, there is nothing that you cannot find on the internet or do using it. The internet has drastically revolutionised how people interact with each other and entities exchange information. When it comes to using the internet for business purposes, people who know how to use it right can do wonders with it. Given the popularity of the internet, simple online marketing has emerged as a trend that is here to stay. From getting the attention that your brand needs, to attracting the target customers, from creating brand value to selling products to the customers, from enhancing the product’s value to interacting and nurturing the relationships with customers, online marketing can do all of this and more. When a company applies the right strategies of online marketing, it can create an everlasting impact on the minds of its consumers. As much as bad online marketing can spell doom for your business, when done right, it can create magic. From growth in the number of consumers and tactics that can help increase the sales of your services and products to branding, we bring to you some of the top online marketings strategies which you can use and get your business on the right track.

Here we go!

A Product that is Worth the Consumer’s Money

A high-quality product which is worth the customer’s money forms the bedrock of a successful online marketing strategy. There is no replacement or substitute for creating, promoting and selling a product that is superior to all others that are available on the market today. What drives the user’s desire to buy a particular product is that it should attend to a particular need of his. As the seller, it becomes your duty to create and sell something that will cater to the user’s need in the best way possible. Moreover, only when marketing is done for the right product will it ever fetch the results you desire otherwise it is simply a waste of resources and an invitation to a black mark in your business’ image. Unless you are promoting a product that will make a difference in the life of the consumer in a way that no other product of a similar kind, catering to a similar need has ever been able to, you are a part of the thousand other vendors all of whom collectively form a stagnant crowd. So go out, create something that is worthwhile, look for its Unique Selling Proposition and lay down the foundation for a successful online marketing campaign. A unique product which works better than others without replicating the features is a product that can beat its competition.

Use Language that can Persuade Masses

Most of the times, people don’t even realise that they need a product unless they come to know about it, what it can do and how that will make a difference in their lives. Since you have fashioned that product keeping those needs in mind, it becomes your duty to communicate to the target audience that you have something that will benefit them. This kind of communication can only be obtained by the use of words that will sell. The marketers who have touched the heights of success are the ones who know the kind of target audience they are looking to attract and know how to draw it to buy their products. Understanding the psychology of the target consumer’s mind at this point of time becomes increasingly essential. Without knowing how the customers think and what they can feel when learning about the product, your business can never get the attention it needs.

When marketers create websites to sell their products, the site alone must have the capability to “speak their market desires”.

To apply this strategy to online marketing use “Conversion Rate Optimisation”, a process that will help your website get the necessary traffic by designing it in a manner that makes it more user-friendly. A user-friendly website is the one that is easy for the user to navigate through, is trustworthy and has content that can persuade people to understand what they need and how the company’s product will attend to that need without employing manipulation.

When these factors are kept in mind, high user traffic is generated. That, in turn, increases sales, and the final revenue is generated.

Creating and Sending a Newsletter

Sending a newsletter to your potential customers through email is a great way to establish personalised relations with them. Through the newsletter, they will have regular updates of what developments have taken place in your products and services. By being in contact with your organisation’s latest news, the next time they think of buying a product that you also sell, they will first think of you before they think of going to any other brand options. But please keep in mind that a simple newsletter is nothing without the right content in it so make sure you have that.

You hardly need to set aside a big budget to create a quality newsletter which you can use to attract and retain your targeted customers. Try to send out a newsletter every few weeks and make sure it has the insights on what is going on in your organisation and what the customer can expect from it. Also include some exciting offers, tips on using your services and products better and how the customers stand a distinct advantage by choosing you over your competitors.

Public Relations

It is essential to reach out to the target audience by identifying where you can find them. Creating good public relations through the internet means spreading your message through online media such as advertisements, online discussion forums, online news and press release that are published on Yahoo! News and Google News or releases on your website. Being in the eye of the public through these tools will help you gain visibility in the market, it will increase your credibility as a reliable organisation which in turn will attract customers and increase the sales. When opting for such advertisements and releases, make sure that you don’t create content that is nothing more than a boring article. Include videos, gifs, and pictures which will attract the customer. Remember that the average time that an online user will spend viewing a page is just 15 seconds. Creating content that will get his attention in those 15 seconds will make him stay longer.

Having “Search Engine Optimised” Content

People who use the internet to find products and services rely on the results that search engines give them. And according to countless surveys and research that have been conducted, people click on the websites that are in the top 3. Another factor that people consider while clicking on these sites is that they seem more trustworthy. As no pay per click, charges are involved what draws people to these websites is the fact that they have a large number of low-cost and high-quality visitors. No one has the time to scroll through the first two pages of Google results, let alone 10. So the only way for you to ensure that people click on your website is by creating content using keywords that are directly related to your products and services. Use an effective SEO campaign to make that happen. Here’s how:

  • Add keywords, content, URL, meta tags and headlines to your web pages
  • Use keywords to link your webpage to another webpage
  • Use inbound links that direct people to your site when they click on them

Make your Website more Interactive

An interactive and dynamic website attracts more customers than a static one. Adding interactivity to your organisation’s page will help the visitors in navigating through the site which in turn will make them feel satisfied. You can add pictures, videos and discussion forums on which the visitors can clarify their doubts. These tools will further enhance the engagement of the visitors. It will drive them to act which will later have a higher chance of converting into sales. You can use web page analysing tools that are available for free. They scrutinise how your website is performing and also give suggestions that will lead to an increase in its performance.

Use Social Networking Websites

Social Networks are the ultimate way for you to gain access to your target audience’s minds and leave an impression that lasts. Reaching out to them initially might come in as a challenge, but once you have them, social networks will allow you to be in continuous and prolonged touch with them. Create pages with the name of your organisation on Facebook and Twitter and give out interesting information on them. Facebook also offers you the opportunity to advertise your webpage at minimal costs. You can use this feature to reach out to people. Unlike print media, social network advertising is much cheaper. Creating online discussion forums and blogs will also help you gain insight into the minds of your target customers and will help you design your product or service in a way that is more desirable and therefore more profitable.

Use Referral Marketing

Use referral systems to attract customers to your business. Hearing something positive about some business from someone else’s mouth always draws attention. Referred customers will bring in more profits because they have the tendency to buy your products and services more quickly than first-time customers. They also have the tendency to negotiate less on the prices and buy in large quantities. You could provide offers and discount coupons to your consumers to which they will be entitled if someone uses your services or products through their reference. This way your customers will go ahead and tell people in their circle, of your services. You could start an affiliate program with other websites and ask them to direct traffic to yours. One thing that you must ensure before you go ahead with referral marketing is that the products and services you offer must be of high quality because to last for a long term in the market, customers should be buying your products and services because they like them and not solely because of the offers they will get. In fact, providing exemplary service is also a type of referral marketing. When a customer is satisfied with what you are offering them, he lets other people around him know.

Follow some or all of these tips, and you will notice the changes that your business will experience.


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