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St. Albans SEO Company

If you need a St. Albans SEO company, then look no further than us. Founded by an online marketing expert Anton, we are Vertigo Studio, and we have helped hundreds of individuals and entrepreneurs to learn how to do search engine optimisation in an effective way. Our work has been covered by various publications. We are confident we can help you implement an effective SEO strategy.

Why Vertigo Studio

Why should you work with us? After all, there are so many agencies out there. There are many reasons why you should use us over our competitors, and these reasons include:

1. We Practice What We Preach
This means we rely on our own SEO methods to get noticed. In fact, Google, Yahoo and Bing send us 99% of our leads. We don’t just talk about SEO, and how helpful it is, we actually do our own SEO and know firsthand how effective it can be.

2. We Have Many Testimonials & The Results
Our results speak for themselves. So do our case studies and the many testimonials customers have left us.

3. Online Marketing: It’s What We Do
You have probably come across “SEO companies” that do everything from designing websites to pay-per-click campaigns and web hosting, among other things. We pride ourselves in only doing one thing, and that is online marketing. Our services support organic SEO, and this means we do online marketing constantly. In fact, we’ll go as far to say we eat it and breathe it.

Consider this: would you hire a plumber or a construction worker to help you shed body fat? The answer is clearly no because you’d go to a weight loss specialist or a fitness trainer. It just makes more sense to do this, as well as to hire an agency that only does online marketing.

4. We Follow A Proven System
We don’t just throw around ideas and hope for the best. We use a strategy that has been proven to work time after time. The best part of our methods is that we don’t do anything that will get your site penalised by the search engines. We don’t use unethical techniques.

5. You Have To Provide Value
Our campaigns work well because we work with businesses that we believe deserve to receive search engine traffic. If you want to fail, then go ahead and use dodgy methods to get ranked, but eventually, your business will crash into the ground. We focus on implementing SEO strategies that are evergreen.

If you provide value to potential customers and current customers, then Google will love you. In other words, you want to provide service of value, such as content on your website. Google rewards websites that do the things they (Google) love.

6. Communication Is Essential
We believe that communication is essential, which is why we have a “frequent and often” communication policy set in place. We are part of your team, and you are part of our team when you hire us as your SEO company. We take growing your website seriously, and you’ll realise this as soon as you hire us.

That being said, our SEO process is content-driven. A lot of work goes into it. This includes:

Performs An Audit – First, an audit is conducted. We look for UX and technical issues during this process. There are some things that can hurt your website’s rank, and an audit may reveal if any are affecting your site.

Research – We look for the right keywords to use. Linking opportunities are also researched. We will even analyse your competitors. The research process is crucial to your site’s future success.

Strategy – Next, we find out what we can do to improve your ranking and receive organic traffic from the search results. We’ll create a strategy and a plan of action. We will prioritise what action should be taken first and work down the list.

Optimisation – We will optimise your site. If you want to dominate Google, then this is what you have to do.

Creation & Link Building – We’ll create content assets that will help your site rank for keywords, including long-tail keywords. Furthermore, we’ll determine how to attract natural back-links to your website. When everything comes together, your site could end up ranking high in the search engines results pages.

Are you ready to reap the many benefits of SEO? Of course, you are, but you want to use a good company. If you think we are right match fill out your info below.



Vertigo Studio


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